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About Furry Broadcasting Network (FBN)

Furry Broadcasting Network is an internet radio hub that proudly hosts the best music produced among the furry fandom. Originally founded as Mane Tech Studios in 2015, that mainly focused on the Brony fandom and its music.

Now, committed to providing our listeners with a variety of music, Furry Broadcasting Network is excited for the new endeavors to the furry community. We look forward for all of our fans that have come along for the ride to broaden the fandom as we hope to continue to grow and expand to greater heights.

Furry Broadcasting Network wants to provide the fandom with music that they love and deserve no matter the furry, whether male female and the different species out in the fandom.

Best Wishes from Furry Broadcasting Network! - Mascot "Roxie" Drawn by @FurryFilth.

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Our Staff

Our staff is made up of 100% volunteers that want to see the community grow and thrive. If you would like to be considered apart of our staff just drop us a line.

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Shadow LeRawr


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Celestial Doom


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Luwyn WereWusky

Co-Founder / Tech

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Sparks Skywere

Staff - Head of IT

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Violet The Dutchie

Staff - Head of Public Relations


Furry Weekend Atlanta

265 Peachtree Center Ave. NE Atlanta, GA 30303, USA

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Frequently Asked Questions

We're a collective of artists, musicians, and gamers who want to do our best to help other members of the furry community.
Please send an email to
Please send your request to with the subject of "Request to be featured". It will take up to 3 business days to send you an email back saying if you have been approved or denied. If denied we will tell you what is wrong and you can send us another email with the corrected issue.
Send us an email to with the title "Become a partner". Within 3 days you will have an email back with either or accept or reject along with further instructions.
Please click the following link, Apply for FBN Staff Position . Only apply if you have time available to dedicate to tasks issued to you. All our staff are volunteers, so we wont take over your life but we do expect that things be done in some kind of time frame.

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Send us an email to get in touch with our team about sponsorships or any other information.